Flapjack installation

Quick and simple guide for installing Flapjack on Amazon Linux.

  1. Install requirements:

    Switch default Ruby implementation

    and select Ruby 2.1 option (usually it’s number 2)
  2. Install Flapjack GEM

    Install configuration file


    in section production subsection redis for correct Redis port. Usually it’s 6379.
  3. Start redis service

    Install init.d scripts for flapjack

    and fix requirements to

    and PATH with
  4. Fix import bug in flapjack starter by adding line

    below line
  5. Start flapjack
  6. (Optional)
    You can use Nginx as reverse proxy for flapjack. Just add base_url parameter to /etc/flapjack/flapjack_config.yaml like this

    and add nginx location

Hope everything works for you :)

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